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Remote setup of video surveillance, how to do it

Remote setup of video surveillance, how it can be done or how to save time for yourself and the client. At the moment, not everyone likes to stand in Kyiv traffic jams, and many will agree with this. Or going to another city if you have a normal Internet connection is crazy, because now there is more than one program for remote access. The most famous are  TeamViewer and Ammy Admin , but for managing Macs and PCs there is also the cool and convenient  AnyDesk . 

I was prompted to write this note by an incident when a person from the city center urgently needed to go to his observation site and watch the events. They set it up for him crookedly and he could only watch real time, and he couldn’t watch what was there before. More precisely, the software installed in his smartphone was for cameras, but there was no software for the recorder at all. It turned out that the cameras were from one manufacturer and the DVR from another. It’s also good that there are well-known brands and IP, that is, the new generation. 

The first question I asked was whether there was a password to enter the video recorder and a computer with an Internet connection. This was all done, and you can start setting up. We set up remote access, using the  Advanced IP Scanner program  I found the IP address of the registrar, logged into it and made the necessary settings. It is important that the masters forget to set the correct time and synchronize with the service, and also do not set the clock change in March and October.

Next, programs were installed to monitor him on the computer and phone. The customer was trained how to use it all. In a word, everything is simple in an accessible language, they thanked me financially on a bank card, we will continue to cooperate in the future! 

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