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Remote installation of windows, how it can be done and who needs it

Remote installation of windows, how it can be done and who needs it. Now, first things first, I have a client, and his relatives are in another small town. He doesn’t want to lend a computer to local specialists, so he asked for help. Since it needed to be done urgently, I had to use remote mode. Fortunately, we purchased a serial key; by the way, now Windows 10 Professional + Office 2021 Pro Plus can be found inexpensively. And the Internet where everything will happen is good in speed.

The old system did work poorly from time to time. I logged in remotely, first of all, I determined the model of the motherboard using a program in the system. Although it has been in the system unit for about 10 years, UEFI mode is supported. This means that you can boot from a flash drive without dancing with a tambourine.

I downloaded an image of a clean Windows 10 Pro, how to do it, find the program on the Internet. The steps are simple. Then I recorded it onto a USB drive using other software. Then they turned on the camera for me in the messenger so that I could see the monitor of the remote computer. I found out the BIOS model, the owner, after saving all the files from the system disk, inserted a flash drive, and pressed F12 when rebooting. We chose our prepared media and the Windows installation began!

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