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Remote customer assistance is not only a teamviewer

Remote customer assistance is not only a teamviewer, which is what this article is about. Just today an old friend called and asked me to set up a router. By the way, he approached the choice correctly; he took out an ancient working one with a 5-volt power supply from the storage room. That is, he can connect it to a standard reinforced power bank, and the provider installed a generator in the attic of the house and starts it in the absence of light. 

Obviously, I had to reset the router to factory settings. Then, in telephone mode, we connected via the laptop’s Wi-Fi, since the network was open without a password. And the laptop is new without a network card, that is, you can’t plug in a twisted pair cable. We wrote down the settings that the provider gave in the contract, set a password for Wi-Fi. We tried it and it worked. Then I got down to business for fine tuning.

The situation is even more complicated when the provider prescribes the MAC address of the user’s device. Nowadays it is very difficult to get through to technical support. From personal experience, almost an hour. But for example, my favorite and best provider allows you to change the MAC address in advance in your personal account. And I also did this with the customer over the phone, the messengers were there to show me the screen. Fortunately, after resetting the router, which was already getting stupid from time to time, we were able to go into its interface and copy it. Times are difficult, nothing can be done

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