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4:53 AM
Remote assistance for several computers on the same network

Remote assistance for multiple computers on the same network. I talk a lot about remote work , but now I would like to remember a case where there are several computers in a remote location that need to be configured. I managed to get into one. Here I would like to note the programs for work; anti-virus software from different manufacturers reacts differently. And even the antivirus built into the top ten also sometimes swears.

What advice should I give to those who experience this? For beginners, install an antivirus that can be disabled for a while, I recommend Avira Free , turning off protection in real time. Located in the system tray , right-click on the red umbrella icon. Remember that sometimes icons are hidden under the arrow.

Continuing to work remotely, what did I do? I configured one as the client wanted. Next, I made the network settings so that I could transfer files between two computers. The customer, seeing how I was doing it, simply repeated the settings after me. We rebooted both computers and transferred all the necessary programs over the internal network to the second one. We uninstalled a couple of programs in phone mode and installed an antivirus. And then I made all the necessary settings myself after launching the remote assistance program!

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