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Multiboot flash drive, pros and cons

Multiboot flash drive, pros and cons. Now there is a lot of discussion online about the Ventoy program  , which allows you to make one media for installing several systems, be it Windows or Linux. Moreover, there is simply a barrage of instructions on how and why.

The thing is very interesting and convenient for those who don’t want to buy and mess with a bunch of USB drives. Like I carry everything I have with me. Do it and forget it, everything you need is always at hand. Of course, you need to tinker first to write it down correctly. For the completely inexperienced, there is a sea of ​​videos on YouTube. 

I have already described the advantages above. Of the minuses, there are jokes on old computers. Well, and most importantly, one carrier is not always reliable. Personal experience has shown that this is somewhat better. For example, you came out of town, and the flash drive simply ran out of time due to the USB port or time. Time wasted, work was not done for the client.

Yes, like a flash drive on keys is probably possible. But as a working tool, no. When they say that why carry a bunch of media if you only have one? But they have no space or weight! What is universal is not always the best; in any business, a respected master must have a separate tool for each task :)

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