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How to properly configure an IP camera on a network?

How to properly configure an IP camera on a network? Let's look at the case when the connection is not direct, that is, there is no POE in the DVR. In the latter case, everything is simple, the cameras are completely controlled by the recorder, the main thing is that the IP address is configured automatically, that is, DHCP. And be sure to remember the password.

To add it correctly, the camera must be on the same network as the recorder and router. After activating the camera, just go to the settings and set the desired values. In the interface of a normal registrar there is a test button that will show whether the address is free or not. The gateway and mask will be generated automatically; I also recommend using the router address for DNS, although this is not necessary. In the latter case, the camera can be viewed and recorded additionally via the registrar on the Internet. It’s very convenient if someone decides to turn it off without knowing that one of them is autonomous.

Suppose you have set up a network in the camera, but it is impossible to add it to the recorder. First of all, we check the passwords to see if everything matches. A simple reset to factory settings sometimes helps a lot. Less often you need to update something with new firmware. With different equipment manufacturers, the protocol for adding a camera must be via  ONVIF.

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