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How to connect a printer via Wi-Fi remotely?

How to connect a printer via Wi-Fi remotely? Situation: a second Epson L805 printer was delivered to my customers’ office, one was already connected via WI-FI. It would seem that there is nothing complicated here, do it according to the instructions, and that’s it. Let's start with the fact that when directly connected to a computer's USB port, there are an order of magnitude fewer problems, the drivers in Windows 10 are updated and that's it. Of course, it’s better to install it as expected by installing drivers downloaded from the official website, but for ordinary users everything is simplified, probably right.

The Epson L805 printer has a Wi-Fi button, what does this mean? WPS button, that is, connecting to the router without a password. Many users don't even know how to use it. Moreover, sometimes on the router it is combined with a reset button; hold it a little longer and the router settings go back to factory settings. 

How do I connect to customers in such situations? It’s simple, I go to the computer through the remote assistance program, then go to the router, I always know the passwords because I set it up myself. Then in the router settings, namely in the WPS section, I click the add device button. And the person from the office, at my request, immediately presses the Wi-Fi button on the printer. It should blink and then clearly light up; in the case of the Epson L805, the web interface of the router shows that the device has been added. It’s true what he doesn’t write :)

Next, in devices and printers on Windows 10, you need to find and add a device. For those who do not see such a folder, I advise you to install the shell menu program, which will turn the start button into a convenient menu. If Windows does not find the printer, there are two options, either it is not connected to Wi-Fi, or the network environment is not working well, I advise you to look in the direction of this setting.

When the printer comes up, try printing a test page on it, it worked well. No, restart your computer, install drivers from the official website. It happens that the printer slows down a lot when connected wirelessly, here you need to check the signal level, install the printer as close to the rotator as possible. Budget Wi-Fi repeaters also have a bad effect on such printers. If the printer does not want to connect via WPS, change the wireless version and encryption settings in the router to automatic.   If you have two identical models, rename their names for users in the Devices and Printers section.

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